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Hear what our employees have to say

At thyssenkrupp, we offer a rich working experience at a truly global company. Our businesses and capabilities are diverse, and remarkable individuals are at the core of our business in each of our markets. We are committed to hiring the best talent to drive thyssenkrupp’s growth now and in the future.

We currently employ more than 800 people in Australia, who bring together a mix of outstanding knowledge and skills, to collectively drive our success and growth in this market.

Hear from our employees Down Under about their experiences working with thyssenkrupp.

Benjamin Breytenbach

Benjamin Breytenbach, Proposals Coordinator at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Australia)
Benjamin Breytenbach, Proposals Coordinator at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Australia)

Since he joined thyssenkrupp in 2012 as a Process Engineer, Benjamin has been promoted to Senior Engineer, and was recently given the opportunity to develop his sales skills as a Proposals Coordinator in the Business Development Team.

Benjamin considers working at thyssenkrupp to be akin to having a second family, such is the level of support, encouragement and personal development available to everyone who works in the organisation. This culture has had a really positive impact on Benjamin’s personal career path with the company.

The important work we do in helping out clients achieve their goals, coupled with numerous development opportunities in an encouraging, supportive environment makes working for thyssenkrupp incredibly rewarding for Benjamin and his colleagues and he is looking forward to continuing his career development as part of the thyssenkrupp family.

Trina Waldie

Trina Waldie, Project Manager at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Australia)
Trina Waldie, Project Manager at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Australia)

At thyssenkrupp, Trina is able to work collaboratively with our clients to understand their needs and deliver projects that deliver real value to them.

Her career with thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions began 13 years ago. Utilising our unique technologies and world-class engineering, Trina’s own technical skills have developed, as have her project management skills.

Being able to develop a diverse skill set across many areas of the business has not only kept Trina’s work interesting, it has also enabled her to contribute more effectively to the company.

Having started in a technical role as a Senior Process Engineer, designing petrochemical facilities, with the aid of thyssenkrupp’s excellent career development structure, Trina has now reached the level of Project Manager, where she is responsible for managing the full project lifecycle - from concept through to operational facility.

Trina gets to manage a diverse range of engineering experts on a daily basis, addressing design, construction and operational issues. Teamwork is highly valued, with innovation often stemming from the combination of different skill sets working in tandem.

thyssenkrupp has also provided the workplace flexibility Trina needed to be able to complete her Masters in Project Management, with her work providing many valuable case studies for her course submissions.

David Simianam

David Simianam, Quality and Inventory Controller, thyssenkrupp Materials Australia
David Simianam, Quality and Inventory Controller at thyssenkrupp Materials Australia

In his 14 years with thyssenkrupp Materials Australia, David has watched the business grow into a very successful company.

David is one of many to have benefitted from the company’s commitment to offering a pathway to all of their employees to further their careers within the organisation. Having started in 2001 as a guillotine operator in the sheet cell, he then moved up to quality and inventory controller, and is now also the Safety Representative for our site.

During the course of his work in the despatch office, David gets to engage with customers from time to time, and the feedback he consistently receives from them is that they have a high regard for our quality products and value added services.

As inventory controller, David has come to be known as the lean champion for the shop floor, but his success in running a tight ship would not be possible were it not for the cooperation of his fellow staff.

With thyssenkrupp empowering all of their staff to make the changes necessary to work together as a unit to the very best of their abilities, it has enabled David and his colleagues to produce great results for the business and our customers.

Juergen Treichel

Juergen Treichel, Project Manager at Materials Trading Australia
Juergen Treichel, Project Manager at thyssenkrupp Materials Trading Australia

As the longest serving staff member at thyssenkrupp Materials Trading in Australia, having joined the company in October 1999, Juergen has witnessed and played a part in the strong growth enjoyed by the company in a number of areas in the intervening years.

Juergen’s role when he joined the company was to bring stainless steel production to the business, as the Product Manager for stainless steel.

Having introduced this product segment to our company and developed it steadily over the last 16 years, it is hugely gratifying for Juergen to see that our stainless steel business now represents about 30% of the company’s total turnover.

This has been achieved with the support from hard-working team members and utilising the resources of our internal support functions, particularly our operations and finance teams.

The result of all that hard work from Juergen and the team is that after starting from scratch 16 years ago, thyssenkrupp Materials Trading Australia is now - and has been for a long time - a well-established player as a trading house in this highly competitive market segment.

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